To provide knowledge, experience, insight, path-finding skills and actionable, successful recommendations to organizations in the food, agriculture, natural health product, and allied industries. 


Core Services:

Pre-commercialization: novel ingredients, novel fibres, food additives, GRAS notifications, health claims, infant formula, dietary supplements, natural health products, and animal feed supplements. 

Post-commercialization: food labels including nutrition facts tables, ingredient statements, claims.

Jurisdictions: CanadaCanada, USAUS, and EUEU.

Serving the financial and judicial sectors: opportunity validation, expert witness and testimonial experience

Publicly availabe and privately-offered seminars, customized in-house workshops, properietary training tools

Food Fax®

FoodFaxOur quarterly one-page, complimentary newsbulletin devoted to an issue prevalent in the food industry.

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